April 13, 2017

Clary Collection

I love supporting locally owned businesses. Lucky for me, Nashville is a HAVEN for creative and entrepreneurial people. I recently stumbled upon Clary Collection, which is a small-batch organic beauty line that was started by Jen Auerbach and Adriel Denae. Both women bonded over their search for natural and effective salves when they were pregnant. They realized that even some of the organic lines they tried were full of unnatural ingredients. They created Clary Collection with a commitment to launching a line of products that are truly natural and effective.

I was so excited when Jen sent over some Clary Balm for me to try! The multipurpose balm can be used to soothe and protect skin of all types. As someone with dry and sensitive skin, I am always seeking to find reliable balms for my hands and body. This Clary Balm contains Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Plantain, Olive Oil, and Beeswax. I love this formula and can't wait to keep using this on my body to soothe and protect my skin that often finds itself in need of a little extra care. (Season changes are hard, you guys!)

Not only do I fully recommend Clary Collection, but I also encourage you to look up these badass women. Jen has done phenomenal work with a U.K. children's charity and is a mother. Not to mention, she is married to The Black Keys's Dan Auerbach.

Adriel is a musician and the founder of The Refuge, which is a non-profit organization providing sanctuary for the pursuit of creative expression through music and art. She is also a mother.

This collection is an empowering ode to women and that's something I can get behind.


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