March 20, 2017


I decided to write a spontaneous blog post tonight about something I like to call dreamstorming.  It's the practice of intentionally writing out your hopes, visions, and dreams.  It's like brainstorming .. but for your dreams. It's a form of goal-setting, but in dreamstorming, you allow yourself to think BIG and you don't place any limits on what you hope to be.

By taking time to get in touch with what your innermost, biggest, and deepest desires are, you allow your dreams to shift from a secret place in your heart to the reality of your life. The first step in creating something out of nothing is honoring the validity of your ideas and allowing yourself to create a vision in the first place.

I have talked to many dear friends about my obsession with dreamstorming and how I'm so glad it's become a habit in my life. It has allowed me to naturally train my brain to be forward-thinking and proactive about my lifestyle and circumstances.

Do you want something? Have you always dreamed of it? Write it out. Really. Let your mind create a full vision of what could be and don't let practicality, potential drawbacks, or outside opinions enter into this space. Dreamstorming is a safe space for you to start envisioning your best life. What would you do if you could do anything? What would you really pursue if you knew you could?

What you do with your dreamstorming after the fact is largely up to you.  Circumstances, drawbacks, and opinions DO play a role in living out your dreamstorms, but they don't have to be the defining factor. Ultimately, you get to go through and decide what is worth it to YOU. You get to choose what is worth meditating on. You get to choose what is worth sticking out. You get to choose what needs to change in order to be living the life you want to be living.

"Living your dreams" isn't just reserved for pop stars or NBA players. Dreamstorming also isn't limited by age or income level.   Dreams come in all forms and I want to encourage you to start dreaming up your best life and then turning that into an action plan.  No matter where you are right now, I am in it with you and cheering you on. I can't wait for you to start dreamstorming and allowing yourself to live with a heightened sense of what really is possible.

This past year, I've dreamstormed (and prayed) my way through SO much to get me to a season where I am now doing what I love and in a position to continue pursuing passions.

I will now share just a few of my dreams:

1 - Be an advocate and a voice for mental health, body positivity, and dreaming big. The underwritten theme is helping others to know their worth and their potential. Despite obstacles, I want people to know they are worthy and capable of living a healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life-- even if that looks differently than how others seem to live.

2 - Express myself creatively in the form of art. I want to paint more, sing more, dance more, and write more. Creating is freeing and I want to live creatively. My art is just as "valid" as anyone else's.

3 - I want to go to New York Fashion Week again in the fall.

WOOOHOOO! What are some of your dreams? Take time to dreamstorm and then let me know what you dream up!! I can't wait to hear what's in your heart and then watch you make it happen.


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