October 12, 2016

5th & Taylor

 I have heard so much buzz about local restaurant, 5th & Taylor, that I decided I just HAD to try it. :) The American restaurant is located in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood and I can now say that it is easily one of my new favorite spots for dinner and drinks.  Last month, I stopped in for dinner with my good friend Marisa to try out the spot that so many friends have raved about.

 For me, one of the most challenging things about trying a new restaurant is its offerings for vegetarians. Often times, restaurants have minimal options (if any at all) for those of us that never or rarely consume meat. As I looked through the menu at 5th & Taylor, I was SO happy to find options that suit my tastes. While Marisa and I looked through the menu, we ordered cocktails and chips & dip.

The cocktails were thoughtfully crafted and remind me of the types of drinks that are served in my hometown, Las Vegas. They were delicious, the best quality, and of course--beautiful.

The chips & dip that we ordered came with chive & caramelized onion dip, pickles, and cucumbers.

Marisa ordered Beer Can Chicken and I ordered Roasted Cauliflower with capers, poblano quinoa, and lemon. The Roasted Cauliflower was DELICIOUS and perfect for vegetarians. The capers and lemon added the perfect flavor to the cauliflower and quinoa. Marisa said her chicken was some of the best that she has had.

  We savored our meals while enjoying the memorable ambiance of the restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant, there is a statue that is surrounded by TONS of candles with tables on both sides.

The Angel Food Cake with berries, lemon, and sweet cream stood out to us on the dessert menu. I'm a sucker for fruity desserts and this angel food cake was heavenly (get it? ;) ). It was the perfectly decadent end to our dinner.

As the night concluded, we stopped in the restroom to freshen up. The all-black tiling on the walls with the pink floral wallpaper was my FAVORITE. I loved the atmosphere and think this is the best bathroom in Nashville, hands down.

Overall, I highly recommend 5th & Taylor to tourists and locals alike. I am such a fan of places that foster a sense of community and offer memorable experiences. This restaurant had the most kind staff, amazing food, and a great environment. 

What I love most about 5th & Taylor is what they stand for:

"At 5th & Taylor, we believe the simple act of sharing a meal returns us to the days when what we have in common is more important than what separates us. Though we may come to the table with a variety of hopes and needs, we can relate through the universal necessity to nourish our bodies and connect with others."

To check out 5th & Taylor for yourself, make a reservation on their website by clicking here.

Photos by Marisa Boras.

Thank you to 5th & Taylor for sponsoring our visit.


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